General Pricing: There are exceptions depending on the complexity of the vehicle

Commercial / Residential:
Commercial and residential glass pricing is based on the square footage of the job. It can range considerably depending on the situation. Some jobs have obstacles that inhibit access to the glass, and others may require visitor passes, or security screenings. All of things can effect the overall price of a job due to the time, and materials needed. We ask that you call for details and prices.

Film Removal:
Removal of old window film is in most cases a long and tedious task. Every so often you will come across a vehicle that the film comes off relatively clean. Leaving little to none of the old glue on the glass. In other cases the film will be much harder to remove, particularly on the rear glass that has defroster/antenna lines on it. Therefore the prices can vary, but they generally will fall between $39.00 for film that is not too bad to remove, and $99.00 for harder more time consuming removals. Actual prices are given once we see the vehicle, and determine how hard it is going to be. While no tint shop anywhere can guarantee that the defroster/antenna lines will not be damaged when removing old film, about 90% of the time they will survive the process unharmed.